• What is online learning?

    This is a virtual accredited training school. We bring the learning center to you. Training, education, skills, and certificates will create endless possibilities in your life. Global Certificate upon completion.

  • Are the lessons live or recorded?

    All curriculum is up-to-date, recorded, and nightly audited for any potential errors. Modules are filled with discussions, text lessons, audio, video, tests, games, and more. Live webinars are often offered, please be sure to visit the counseling firm webpage for updates.

  • What Credentials do your company have?

    Our CEO is a Christian Counselor, Licensed, College Graduate, Certified Life Coach, Continuing Psychology ( Behavior Analysis) Ph.D. Student. We have a team of Certified, trained, and licensed Mental health staff on call 24/7 for all trauma needs. Referrals and intake if desired. We affiliate with crisis advocates, law enforcement, and medical staff. Our firm is Licensed, Bonded, Insured LLC, and registered in good standing in Arizona.

  • Is the school accredited?

    Yes we are accredited on a global level. We network with over 18 countries and learning institutions.

  • What is the name of the Learning Center?

    Tracys eCourse Schooling

  • What is the name of the company?

    Tracy Parente-Life Coach, Intervention Consultant LLC.

  • How do I make a payment?

    All currency accepted. Please use your countries currency conversion chart. You may use all major credit cards, debit, prepaid, or your PayPal account. We use Paypal; which is the secured processing merchant in the world. If you don’t have a financial card please contact us for cash options. We will write you a receipt, digital agreement, send you an e-mail confirmation and give you a link to enroll. You may purchase as a gift.

  • How do I book a private session or webinar?

    Follow the counseling link in the footer below

Our Philosophy


“To measure your steps is to defeat your destination- Tracy Parente”


Invest in your path day

We are your number 1 Christian Counseling and Life Coaching virtual academy!

Knowledge, wisdom, and training will craft and surpass your vision. Education and skills are two key components that will bridge your desires, scope, and income.

 You are making the elite decision to invest in your emotional well being and  immediate future!

Our Virtual Learning Center is 100% online. All courses are pre-recorded and tailored crafted with diversity, understanding, and enrichment.

Certifications are retrieved upon completion. Please review each category according to your needs and desires. 

Feel free to contact your instructor upon enrollment and retrieve any help that’s needed. All courses are designed for independent student study; however, we await your requests!


  • All courses are open to the public
  • There is no hidden fees student pay per course
  • No contract
  • Global 18 Countries
  • Each course and guide is translated into 150 languages
  • For court ordered classes please contact your instructor for clearance letter as well

Available eGuide

  • 4 Week Wedding Planner


  • International Life Coach
  • Relationship Coach
  • Trauma Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Motivational | Public Speaker
  • Spiritual Coach

Mental Health 

  1. Alcohol Restoration Court Ordered/Non Levels 1 2
  2. Opioids Recovery [ Rx Drugs, Oxycodone, morphin|Level 1 Intermediate Level 3
  3. Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin [Classification] We will refer you to a 3rd party 
  4. Overcoming Trauma
  5. Anxiety|Stress 

 Students whom prefer one-on-one please contact our firm for private sessions via Telephone  Counseling, Zoom, Office Meets, IG video, Skype, or Google Meet


  • Charged smart device, tablet, IPad, computer, smart phone...

  • Desire to extract and advance

  • Create a learning space no distraction zone

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